The department of civil engineering was started in the year 1981 with a sanctioned intake of Twenty students. It has so far trained more than 1000 civil engineers who are serving the nation with distinction in public and private organizations in India, in addition to a few who have gone abroad.

The college took a plunge into the immensely refreshing and challenging field of Civil Engineering with the setting up of the Civil Engineering Department, right from the genesis of the college. The Department of Civil Engineering is excellently suited to meet the ever changing requirements of engineers with courses that combine the study of management, business skills and computers with engineering. The department ensures not only that the courses are updated, but also that they reflect the current needs of commerce, industry and the society as a whole.

Throughout history, civil engineers have designed and built facilities that have advanced civilization and provided for a higher standard of living. From developing better water supplies, municipal sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants to the design of buildings to protect citizens from natural hazards and provide health care, to improved agriculture through water resource development and distribution projects to rapid and dramatic changes in transportation systems, civil engineers have developed the basic infrastructure on which modern society depends. Civil engineers were the first and continue to be dedicated to technology development for the common good.

From the pyramids of Egypt to the exploration of space, civil engineers have always faced challenges of the future – advancing civilization and building quality in to life. Today the world is undergoing vast changes – the technological revolution, population growth, environmental concerns, and more. All create unique challenges for civil engineers, and now is the best time to find out if civil engineering is the right career.

Civil Engineering is for people who desire to see the nation grow and enhance the quality of social life. As a civil engineer, you will help development of industry, transportation systems and infrastructure that are the milestones of our economy. Civil Engineering is about community service, development, and improvement. It includes planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities essential to modern life. As a civil engineer one will be called upon to play a major role in developing water, oil, gas, mineral and other natural resources and address energy needs and urban community planning.

The prevailing boom in the infrastructure and construction sectors has brought the limelight back into civil engineering, with the demand for civil engineers growing exponentially. With the Indian Government's renewed thrust in the construction sector permitting 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment, the need for quality civil engineers will shoot up. This sector is witnessing heightened activity as a result of which there has been a substantial increase in the number of projects. Thus there is a surge in demand for quality civil engineers.


Faculty Details

1.     Dr. H. K. Mishra

        Designation- Professor

        Qualification- Ph.D.

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2.     Proff. Dr. Satish Kumar Jain

        Designation- Associate Professor

        Qualification- M.Tech.,P.H.D.

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        Contact No.9425451818- 

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3.     Proff. BS KIRAR (H.O.D.)

        Designation- Associate Professor

        Qualification- M.Tech., IIT Roorkee


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4.     Dr. Manish K. Soni

        Designation- Assistant Professor


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Draftsmen (Gazetted)

S.No. Name Contact No.
1 Mr. H. S. Ahirwar 9039913160
2 Mr. G.P. Rai 9425663001


Supporting Staff

S.No. Name Designation Qualification Contact No.
1 Mr. P. K. Tiwari Demostrater   8109585250
2 Mr. A. K. Jain Technical Assistant   9425393222