Student Coordination Cell

As per the student’s application, the interested students are hereby permitted to work for enhancing placement activities at the college in guidance of TPO. They are being nominated as the “Student Representatives” as approved by respective HODs. Their names are given below:-


S. No. Branch Student Members (IVth Year)
1. Mechanical Engineering

1. Ritik Jain

2. Mohammed tokeer quariashi

2. Electrical Engineering

1. Harsh Bohare

2. Ankit Tripathi


Electronics & Communication


1. Harsha Choudhary

2.Harshal Barapatre

4. Information Techonology 

1.Vinay Kumar Jain

2. Devansh Priyadarshan

5. Civil Engineering

1. Shefali Singhai

2. Mona Bahe