Prof.Dr. Anurag Trivedi

It is our firm belief that any investment in education is investment for future. The future of the country is nurtured in the hands of teacher fraternity. The importance of engineering education has been recognized by the great visionaries/leaders of the country like Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and lately impetus has been given to technical education by their successors since 1985. The present day comfort enjoyed by masses to the tune of 90% may be attributed to the engineering excellence and constant research and development brought about in technical institutions of the country and we have come up to international standards in most of the areas of engineering and technology. The state engineering colleges are primarily the centers of excellence for all private institutions nearby to which they can appear for. Broadly speaking the primary function of the engineering institutions is to disseminate state of the art engineering technology for direct use on field.

We have sufficient number of research institutions like IITs, IISERs and NITs etc. for cutting edge technologies. Therefore, for state engineering colleges now the primary focus is to generate workforce for the country from the existing technology keeping economics in mind. The teaching fraternity at large is highly devoted for this cause and we urge the learning community to take full advantage of the learned faculty of the institutions that we have developed along with financial support provided by the government of Madhya Pradesh.

The westernworld has well recognized that the best way of living is Indian way of living. Let us demonstrate it by joining hands in building great nation again.

Wish you all the best!