The institution is providing access to information relating to the rights to the citizens to provide information under the control of the institution for promoting transparency and accountability in the working. Institution has prepared a handbook on RTI for better facilitation. Procedure for getting information applicable as per the provision of this act is available in the handbook. 

In case some body wants to get more information on topics covered in the handbook as well as other information may contact Public Information Officer to facilitate the citizen as per RTI Act the details officers in charge one as below:


Appellate Authority

Public Information Officer

Assistant Public Information Officer

Indira Gandhi Engineering College 
Sagar (MP).
Ph. 07582-263826

Indira Gandhi Engineering College
Sagar (MP).
Mob. 9993474350

Mr. H. S.Ahirwar
Indira Gandhi Engineering College
Sagar (MP).
Mob. No.-